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Stunning wedding cake for a very special couple

April 17, 2018

Just spotted this in my drafts folder so decided it needed posting.  My April resolution is to get back on my blog!   I had the pleasure of making the wedding cake for Addie and Ian's special day. We worked hard to come up with the perfect design that fit within their budget and that also provided them with plenty of cake to share with their wedding guests. The bottom tier was vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream filling and the top tier was a delicious lemon sponge with a lemon buttercream filling.  Covered in ivory icing, decorated with handmade...

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Catch up on cakes from the Hours of Fun kitchen

February 23, 2018

So it has been ages since I last posted about anything and I have no excuse!  So I thought I would do a quick blog post showing you some of the cakes that I have made over the last few months. From a stunning 2 tier wedding cake to superhero cupcakes, from Rainbow unicorn cakes to Bing Bunny themes its been a busy time over at Hours of Fun with lots of fabulously fun cakes to make. [gallery ids="22009,22010,22011,22012,22013,22014,22015,22016,22017,22018,22019,22020,22022,22023,22024,22025,22026,22027,22028,22029,21896"]

Guardians of the Galaxy birthday cake.

August 12, 2017

3 months of house work has meant no cake blogging, some time for a catch up!!   For anyone who has watched Guardians of the Galaxy will probably have also fallen in love with Groot!  When I was asked to make a Groot themed cake I was very happy to say yes!   I wanted to keep the cake design simple and decided to cover it in blue icing with stars, however instead of cutting out stars and sticking them on I decided to try spray painting them using edible spray paint.  I set up a spray area using a...

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Trolls and teddy bears

May 8, 2017

  Fabulously bright and colourful teddy bear's picnic cake for a 40th birthday, although no mention of 40 on the cake which made the birthday girl very happy!! The family of bears were made out of Fimo so they could be kept forever and put on display alongside an impressive bear collection.  The bears were made to represent the birthday girl's family.  The picnic was all made from fondant and all edible.   This was a 10" vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling. [caption id="attachment_21823" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Teddy bear's picnic[/caption]   This Poppy the Troll cake was made from...

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Mickey Mouse themed 1st birthday cake

May 3, 2017

  Mickey Mouse themed birthday cake for Otto's first birthday. The top tier was lemon sponge with lemon curd and buttercream filling.  The bottom tier was vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream.  Bright and colourful and lots of fun to make.  With fondant balloons shooting out on wire next to the baby cake topper finishes the design off beautifully.

Back to business and back to baking cakes – woohoo!!

April 30, 2017

  After a few months away from business the Hours of Fun kitchen is now back open and raring to go.  My husband and I have moved house and we are super lucky to now have an amazingly massive kitchen diner which is perfect for cake baking and decorating.  With the kitchen back open it is back to blogging and sharing pictures of bakes and cakes.  We have a lot to catch up on so here goes...   Being based in Liverpool means you get asked to make quite a few football themed cakes.  This cake was for a special...

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Last few cakes made at Mill Lane

December 4, 2016

The Hours of Fun kitchen is now closed for a few weeks as we move house. Here is one of the last few cakes made in this kitchen.  I will be sad to say goodbye as this kitchen has been fantastic and has been home to lots of amazing cakes and where I have spent many hours learning new skills and trying new techniques.     A special birthday Disney cake I was asked to make a very special birthday cake for an 18th birthday celebration.  The birthday girl is a big fan of Disney and in particular Beauty and...

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Handmade Christmas Earrings – A must for the festive season

December 4, 2016

  Christmas is a fantastic time of the year for crafts.  There was so many fun crafts you can try for all ages.  I love to make my own Christmas decorations and in previous years I have made novelty Christmas earrings from buttons and beads.  This year I was keen to make some Fimo earrings for Christmas as I have been getting back into modelling using Fimo over the last few months.  I have started making cake toppers from Fimo instead of using fondant icing.  I find it is easier and more fun to work with and once baked it...

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Making a lighthouse crafting fun

November 23, 2016

One of my favourite things about Hours of Fun is working with groups on craft projects.  I have done a few craft sessions with St John the Baptist Church in Meols over the last few years through working with the Festival of Firsts.  This time however, I was working with them directly as Hours of Fun and I was honoured they had asked me to get involved. Every year they have a weekend of fun for the Youth Fellowship groups that meet at the church for children aged between 7 and 16.  I headed down to the church to join...

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Fabulous handmade cakes by Hours of Fun!

November 12, 2016

A few more cakes to catch up on before we become all about Christmas!  First up is a special birthday cake made for a 30th celebration.  This cake was a 2 tier chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling.   Each tier was decorated with printed photographs of the birthday girl, they were printed onto icing and backed with a black icing boarder.  The cake topper was a guitar made out of Fimo modelling clay with shooting stars coming out the top.  The birthday girl is a massive Stereophonics fan so the guitar was styled on a Gibson SG which is one...

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A few more delicious, made to order cakes

October 12, 2016

It has been so busy in the Hours of Fun kitchen we still have lots of cakes to share with you.  Here are three very different cakes made for three birthdays.   First up a cake for a karaoke loving birthday girl celebrating her 80th birthday.  Dressed in a gorgeous gold dress singing her heart out.  The cake topper was made from FIMO (oven baked modelling clay) and came with a box for it to be kept in as a forever keepsake. The cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling, covered in fondant with wires curled to...

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VW campervan birthday cake

October 6, 2016

I love making shaped cakes, it is definitely my favourite type of cake to do.  Shaped cakes need to be planned and designed to work out the size of the final piece, then this is used to work out how much cake you need to bake.  The cake is layered and filled with buttercream, then the carving begins.  If you end up having quite a lot of waste cake you can mix it all together and freeze it.  You can then use it for cake pops or cake toppers made from cake.  It is delicious cake, usually mixed with lots...

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Our journey into the world of Biscotti

September 25, 2016

After a couple of weeks of Biscotti madness I thought it would be good to blog about it.  It has been a fabulous experience and adventure and I got to do it all with my friend Karen from Karen's Little Kitchen   As our first big bake we knew we were in for a challenge as we had to bake over 7000 Biscotti biscuits - no problem!!!  In fact it's so easy let's pick something that needs to be baked twice (I blame Karen for this decision!!).  The ingredients had been calculated showing us how much we needed of everything...

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Cupcakes for all occasions

September 18, 2016

There has been a flurry of cupcakes orders received at Hours of Fun over the last few weeks.  Cupcakes for Teachers, Olympic parties, Maternity leave, Birthdays and Hen Parties. First up we have Olympic rings and medals topping a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream.  Helping to celebrate the end of the Olympics at an office party. I love buying new cake equipment and tools and these order gave me the perfect excuse to buy a new mould.  This mould is full of super cute baby items which I used to top these Vanilla, Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes. Thank you...

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Catching up on this months fabulous cakes

September 16, 2016

Wow what a month it has been for Hours of Fun.  It's been none stop in the kitchen making some fantastic cakes for some amazing people celebrating birthdays, christenings, new babys, brides to be and more.  Alongside this Hours of Fun has been working with Karen's Little Kitchen to be part of September's Gin Explorer box.   First up are 2 christening cakes that I was asked to make.  One for a little girl and one for a little boy.  Christening cakes are always fun to make as they are colourful and cute with fun cake toppers. This was a...

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Festival of Firsts amazing children’s display

August 19, 2016

  This year Hours of Fun headed into the third year of working with the Festival of Firsts and we were determined to make it bigger and better than previous years. Partnering up with Regan Shaw from Kaleidoscope Magazine and Pam Sullivan from The Williamson Art Gallery, we worked with the festival to plan how to spend a grant the Festival was successful in securing from the Liverpool One Foundation. The aim of the project was to get children involved in crafting and raise awareness of the Festival as we travelled around the Wirral working with different groups and running...

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The birthday girl’s favourite Roald Dahl book as a cake!

July 27, 2016

It was my sister in law's sister's birthday party and it wasn't just any old birthday party, it was to celebrate her turning 40 so a super duper cake was required.  We had a chat about themes and ideas and my sister in law suggested The Twits as that was the birthday girl's favourite book as a child.   Without any hesitation I jumped on this idea as it sounded like so much fun to make.   The party was a surprise, so in secret we swapped messages as we both did a little research and remembered how fantastic the book...

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A Technics Deck birthday cake for a superstar DJ!

July 23, 2016

I had the pleasure of making a birthday cake for DJ Seb Fontaine at the weekend.  It was quickly decided that the cake should be a Technics turn table with the record playing being Fiji - Seb's signature tune which we all love to hear him play in a club.   I was really looking forward to making this cake as I have made a couple of record players and when you get the chance to make a cake design more than once you get to make improvements, step it up a little and challange yourself. I decided this time...

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Jimmy Choo high heel cake for a special 30 + 10 birthday girl

June 29, 2016

This cake was made for a birthday party to celebrate Trisha tuning 40 (or 30+10!). The shoe box was made from a 10" square vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream.  It was covered in white icing and given a lid made out of black icing.  The bright pink went perfectly with the black and white and roses were placed around the cake, along with a bow and ribbon. For the high heel shoe I used Renshaws modelling paste.  It was the first time I had used this brand of modelling paste as I have always used Squires however they didn't...

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A 50th birthday cake for a hair and make up girl

June 17, 2016

  I have done a couple of hair and make-up themed cakes and they are lots of fun to do.  This order came in asking for a cake similar to a previous one I had done.  I made a few changes to the cake topper models to give it a fresh look.  They were all made out of icing and were edible, apart from the shooting stars which were made from glittery card.  With the warm weather at the moment, trying to make shooting stars out of icing, then getting them to stay at the top of a piece of...

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