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Football shirt cake – LFC

February 17, 2011

Sue at work asked for a cake for her son who was turning 18.  We talked ideas for quite some time (we starting talking summer last year i think!) and yet a final decision was still not reached.  One of the ideas was a theme of Liverpool Football Club.

After a little thinking I approached Sue and asked if she would mind me trying a football shirt shaped cake.   I forwarned her I had not done one of these before and she had to keep her fingers crossed it would turn out ok! So I hired the tin from the shop and made the cakes.

One of the challenges for this cake was the filling, Sue had asked if the cake could taste like a Bakewell tart.  Sue brought some Bakewell tarts in for research and on eating them it was agreed by Kev and I that the cake needed to taste of almond and the filling can just be raspberry jam.

And so a new cake was baked, using a 10″ cake tin and the shape was then cut out of it.

The second cake was definitely worth making as it was delicious with the almond filling and the shirt turned out really well.  Adam’s surprise cake has given me the confidence to just give things a go with piping and modelling and I was happy with the badge and logos.

I tried an ace of cakes technique for under the arms as I was puzzled as to how I was meant to ice this sharp corner.  I rolled out a separate piece of icing and smoothed it over the area.  It wasn’t perfect but I think with some practice this may work a treat!


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