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Champagne Bottle cake in an Ice Bucket cake, to Celebrate a Special 18th Birthday

October 19, 2011

A challenge was set to attempt a champagne bottle in an ice bucket cake – the challenge was accepted and at first under estimated.  I am unclear looking back why I ever thought this would be all ok to make!

The champagne bottle is made from rice crispies squares covered in icing.  The ice bucket it made from vanilla sponge cake with buttercream and jam.  The ice is made from foxes glacier mints.

This cake has made it to the list of rather stressful cakes along with the dolphin cake I did last year.  There were concerns over structure due to the bucket leaning backwards slightly.  I became obsessed with this and was quite sure, if I watched it closely, that I could actually see it moving!  This was not the case and after a calming conversation with Lou Lou and the cake being taken from the house I gave a sigh of relief!

Making edible ice for a cake

I researched methods and techniques used by others to create the ice effect.  I struggled to get the ingredients I needed to make it from scratch which included corn syrup and extra fine sugar.   These items were not available in the local supermarket and time didn’t allow a shopping exhibition!  Glacier mints seemed an obvious choice however there were warnings given on some internet sites that they would start to melt and ruined the icing on the cake.  I did a trial run on a small piece of icing and it worked well.  They did go very sticky, however they hadn’t done any major damage to the icing they were sat on over the 48 hours I left them.


  • LouLou says:

    hehe and everyone in the sunbed place also knows about this cake!! 🙂
    Its turned out amazing Rach and although I appreciate your concern at the time, I think you had nothing to worry about. It looks amazing. The finsihing touches with the mints really set it off and I am loving the drapped cloth. Vicky at work can’t beleive its cake!! I think thats a very big compliment 🙂
    Good work. Gold star! 🙂 *

  • hayley beck says:

    Cake looks great, thank you for sharing tips and concerns. really useful. :o)


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