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A mobile phone you can eat for your birthday – fantastic!

January 30, 2012

A cake was needed to help celebrate a special 60th birthday.  As the birthday girl is known for being on her phone rather a lot it was decided the cake needed to be the shape of a mobile phone with a few tweaks to personalise it.

With no particular phone make and model in mind I decided to keep it quite simple and old school, giving it a bit of a cartoon look.  We wanted 60 on the keys and a special birthday text on the screen.  Working with black icing in larger quantities can be fun, as it seems to get black over all tools and work surfaces!  Before anything else can be done after using black, the whole area and equipment require a good clean and the hands need a soapy scrub!

The cake gave me the chance to try out a new tool I got for Christmas.  I was given a letter-press set that allows you to write any message and imprint it onto the icing on your cake.  You can then trace over it with piping of icing pens and Hey Presto!  you have neat writing!  I am looking forward to using them again as I think we a bit of practice they are going to be an invaluable piece of cake equipment, anything to make piping writing easier!!  I may even have to invest in lower case and numbers if they do them!



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