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A special birthday cake for a Justin Bieber fan

June 22, 2012

This was my first Justin Bieber cake and I wasn’t too sure at the start how it would be done.  I didn’t really fancy modelling him and so I ventured into the world of google and had a look at what others had done.  The most popular choice for decoration was printed rice paper.  Edible, yet its printed – fantastic!  I have long fancied buying a cake printer to then be able to print onto edible paper and then include it in the design.  They are not super expensive but they still cost and I haven’t been able to justify the purchase yet.

However, this was not a problem as you can buy all sorts of printed designs, profiles, messages and pictures on the internet and they were all reasonable in price.  Having never tried this method of decoration I purchased a fantastic, personalised Justin Bieber cake topper for the cake.

Once the cake was iced I placed the topper in position and cut out purple stars to decorate the edge.  Apparently Justin Bieber’s favourite colour is purple so that was the only colour to be used on the cake!   I then decorated the cake with purple musical notes.  I have done musical notes on a cake a few times now which means I can justify purchasing cutters for them, yeay!  I still have a little way to go before I can say yes to the cake printer though!

Happy Birthday Tia.  Hope you had a fantastic birthday and enjoyed eating your chocolate cake.

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