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Surprise wedding cake – Trotter’s independent trading van

July 11, 2012

You may have read my last post all about the 3 tier wedding cake for my brother-in-law’s wedding.    I also mentioned in this post about a surprise cake which came from needing extra cake for all the guests coming.  We starting talking with ‘bride and groom to be’ about additional cake and decided on plain sheet cake.  However when talking this through with Kev, I explained I didn’t feel like it was special enough and I had this desire to make them a ‘groom’s cake’.  This idea, I believe, is common over in America where they may have a comedy cake or separate cake which sits along the nice and pretty wedding cake.

Dave, my brother-in-law, is a huge Only Fools and Horses fan and last year for his birthday I attempted a trotter’s independent traders 3D van made from cake.  It didn’t turn out too good and I was very disappointed with it.  I didn’t plan it and it ended up not having a back door on it as it wasnt long enough.  I promised at the time to make a better one for him.

So the decision was made and it was to be a secret from the happy couple until their big day.  With so much cake to do and carving of cake now involved I needed a detailed plan to ensure the lead up to the big day went smoothly and wasnt too stressful.  2 and half weeks before I put together a day by day schedule of things to do each day.  I stuck to this and due to this detailed planning the whole process went very smoothly and no major issues or problems encountered yeay!

The trotter van turned out better than I ever imaged it would.  We even had some construction involving super glue, wood and cake boards to get the scene for the cake set up – we felt like Ace of Cakes doing this!!

It was a full cake, with no bits missing.  It survived the journey and was set up at the wedding venue with spot lights on it, next to the 3 tier cake.  The bride and groom loved it and the surprise went down really well.  The kids were especially taken with it and didn’t believe it was edible, although this didn’t stop them picking bits of it and eating the stella cans hanging of the back!!

My friend Chris made a bride and groom to go on the cake which I will report in on in more detail later this week.  They looked amazing with it and finished the cake display of nicely.

Congratulations to Dave and Fin again and we wish you a long and happy life together.


  • Christine Holden says:

    It really did look wonderful on the day sat next to the 3 tier cake, By the way was there another cake that people ate at the reception?

  • Amanda Marshall says:

    hi, can i ask you a question. I take it the cake is sitting on a board then the wheels underneath the board. I’ve been asked to make this cake and this is the bit that has me stumped – how i can support the cake on three wheels. thanx x

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Amanda
      Thanks for the message. For this cake we cut small inch high blocks out of wood and stuck them in place (around the area where the wheels would go). They were stuck to the bottom board which was decorated as a road. We then made wheels out of icing and places them so they leaned against the wooden blocks and also hid them.
      The cake was then made and placed on a supporting board which we had cut to shape to match the bottom of the van. Once all complete, we popped a blob of super glue on the top of the wooden blocks and placed the cake on its supporting board on top and left to dry.
      Hope this helps and good luck with it.


  • Hi I am just admiring you only fools and horses van. My husband wants a cake like this for his 30th. Was just wondering did you use a template to carve the cake into the van?

    • Rach184 says:

      Apologies I have only just seen this in my comments section – it was amoungst all the spam received.
      I used a template – I had a smaller model of the van, took the measurements then increased it to the size I wanted. I then cut out pieces of card the size of the side of the van, the roof, the bonet, the back etc. I baked lots of square cakes and stacked them up then used the card templates to cut round to shape the cake into the van – hope that makes sense and is helpful!

  • Dawn says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Do you have a step by step tutorial?


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