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golf cake

March 25, 2013






It was time to take on my second Golf theme cake.  My first golf cake goes down as one of my favourite cakes ever as it was for my fantastic father in law for his 60th birthday and he loved it a lot.  It was a special cake for a very special occasion and I felt a little nervous taking on another one.  Click here to see the post on this super special cake.

This cake was for Phi’s 40th birthday.  A chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting filling.  Lots of 40’s were dotted about the cake and a model of a golfer stuck in a sand dune trying to hit the ball out.  I had lots of fun making trees and grass to line the golf course.  I did attempt a gofer for the cake, however when it came to putting it on the cake the dimensions were slightly out and it was a giant gofer so it didn’t make the cake!

Golf golfing cake for Phils 40th birthday


I have recently moved back to making models that are not really edible as I am now using cocktail sticks and skewers to create the frame of the model.  The golfer was stood on a base made from rolled out fondant with tylo powder in, using skewers to support the legs.  This makes the model much more sturdy and easy to move about.  The Mike the Knight cake was the turning point for non-edible models and unless someone really wants to be able to eat the model they will be skewered to the max!!

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