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Everton Football lover cake for a 60th birthday, sat in his armchair relaxing with liquorice

April 30, 2013

For a special 60th birthday a cake was planned to represent the birthday boy when he is at home relaxing in his armchair.  With an Everton shirt on, Ipad in hand, cup of coffee near by and liquorice and chocolate we had the scene set and cake design sorted!

Sat in a leather chair with a bald head and Chelsea boots on we tried to make it look like the birthday boy, he had a bag of liquorice wheels on the arm of the chair and the Everton blue was used for the writing and decoration.

The main hiccup with this cake was that I made it one week too early!  I had planned my week as I had two cakes to get ready for the Friday and I was all organised by Wednesday night with this cake baked and iced ready for decorating Thursday night, with the cake topper all ready.  I then came to realise on the Thursday that the cake was not due for another week.  This meant we had a 10″ round cake that needed eating as I could not waste it, which work were very happy about as it meant they got cake!  This did allow me to get feedback on the flavour as I had tried something new and was keen to know what people thought.


The cake was custard flavoured sponge, with coconut buttercream and raspberry jam to create a Manchester tart style cake.

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