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My amazing birthday cakes

March 13, 2014

This year I have been super spoilt and received 3 cakes for my birthday, 2 homemade and one bought.
I was presented with an amazing cake made by Jo who we bought some cake decorating equipment for Christmas. This seems to have given her the tools and the pressure to get on cake making! She recently made her husband a fab cake and she has exciting plans for her first shaped cake for her youngest son’s first birthday.
We arrived at her house from the airport after our holiday to Finland and were relaxing with a cup of tea when the lights went out and they started singing happy birthday to me.
Jo came over with a delicious looking cake with a smartie rainbow, the cake looked and tasty yummy.  Thank you Jo I loved it lots.

Smartie birthday cake by jo 2014

We then had a family day the following Sunday and Lou Lou came over with her son and with them they brought an amazing birthday cake. Lou Lou knows I have a love for M&M’s as I am quick to tell people I have been to every M&M shop around the world!  She made me an amazing blue M&M cake with M&M’s all around the base and the cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate filling.  I loved it a lot and shared it with the family and took some to work too.

my m&m birthday cake 2014

We the had a visit from Lorraine last night and she brought with her a super cute mini smartie cake.  They even popped candles in it and sang happy birthday to me – this was the third cake and third candle.  I have felt super spoilt this year.  I have also managed to share all this cake with lots of people as I had to avoid eating it all myself!!


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