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Cheap, cheerful and a lot of fun – homemade gifts

November 20, 2015

Birthday presents don’t have to cost a lot, you can do something handmade and personalised for little or no cost.

For my brothers birthday we made him a CD.  We had a blank CD already in the cupboard – winner!
Some of you will know us for singing happy birthday on audio messages, sometimes normal and sometimes themed.  My brother has been our biggest fan and kept saying we should make an album so here it is!!
We spent 2 hours of a Sunday night making this, crying with laughter with our neighbours probably thinking we had lost the plot!  The CD consists of 13 tracks with out takes and hidden track!  We printed out a front cover, back cover and words then as a finishing touch we autographed the cover for him!
Matthews birthday CD (2)
Matthews birthday CD (3)
Matthews birthday CD (1)
We recorded the songs using voice memos on our iPhone, then transferred them to the computer.  We mixed some of it together using Audacity , then made it into a track list and burnt it to CD.  Super easy to do, a lot of fun and my brother reported back that he loved it!!

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