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12 Crafts of Christmas – Tea Light Snowmen

December 3, 2015

Hours of Fun’s first craft of Christmas went out on the 1st, a quick and easy download to make tea light snowmen.

Hope some of you have already got crafting and made some super cute snowmen to light up your tree – don’t forget to share your pictures as I would love to see your creations.

I wanted to share some more inspiration around tea light charactors for those of you who may wish to get more creative making different characters such as reindeer or Santa.

Santa and reindeer lit tea light christmas crafts downloadFor the Santa I used wide red ribbon and created a hat shape with the loop to hang him with.  Cotton wool for the beard, googly eyes and a white pompom for the tip of his hat


For the Reindeer I used ribbon to hang him, a pipe cleaner for his antlers, a bell – just because I love to add bells where I can!  Brown card for his face and ears which I coloured in using a marker pen and googly eyes.

Tea light reindeer and santa (2)   Tea light reindeer and santa (3)


Check out the Pinterest board I have set up for Tea Light Christmas decorations for further inspiration, including more challenging projects for those of you who want to try something a little more advanced.

Pinterest board – Tea Light Christmas Crafts

Hours of Fun Tea Light Snowmen download

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