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12 crafts of Christmas – Santa cardboard Tube

December 7, 2015

12 Craft of Christmas download number 2 went out on Friday, this time you can download,for free, a quick and easy children’s craft to make a santa from a cardboard tube – super easy and cheap craft using a cardboard tube and some basic craft supplies.

Again I wanted to share some more ideas around this craft for those of you who may want to get creative and make some other cardboard characters.

Visit the Pinterst Board I create with more ideas for those of you wanting to try something else or challange yourself a little more!

Pinterest board – Cardboard tube Christmas crafts

Santa Cardboard Tube free download

Cardboard tube Christmas crafts santa, snowman and penguin


For the penguin I wrapped the tube in black crepe paper, stuck lots of cotton wool on the front for the Penguin’s belly, then cut out 2 wings and a base shaped like feet from black card.  Once these are stuck on you can again full it with some Christmas delights.

Penguin cardboard tube christmas craft download

For the snowman I wrapped the tube in white printer paper and stuck pompoms on the front for the snowman’s buttons.

I then wrapped a piece of ribbon around for the snowman’s scarf and glued it in place.  Using a pipe cleaner which I cut in half, I bent the ends to look like hands and stuck the pipe cleaners through the sides of the tube (once through the tube, give them a little bend inside to help them stay in position).

Finally I cut out a piece of black card for the base and glued the snowman in position, I then covered the black card with cotton wool to create a snow effect around the snowman’s feet.

Snowman cardboard tube christmas craft download

Happy crafting and don’t forget to share your creations by sending in photos.

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