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VW campervan birthday cake

October 6, 2016

I love making shaped cakes, it is definitely my favourite type of cake to do.  Shaped cakes need to be planned and designed to work out the size of the final piece, then this is used to work out how much cake you need to bake.  The cake is layered and filled with buttercream, then the carving begins.  If you end up having quite a lot of waste cake you can mix it all together and freeze it.  You can then use it for cake pops or cake toppers made from cake.  It is delicious cake, usually mixed with lots of filling and keeps well when frozen, you just need to allow time for it to defrost fully before you use it.  I often end up using it for the cakes and bakes I make for fun for family and friends, compacting it into a shape, cover it in icing and you have a delicious cake topper.  It is much nicer to use cake then having a cake topper made from a solid piece of fondant.


This cake was for a special 40th birthday for a girl who loves her VW campervans.  We were going for the traditional split screen van in pale blue with daisies.  The van was made from an 8″ square chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling.  It was raised up from the board to allow space for the wheels to sit.  The cake was covered in 2 layers of icing, the first covered the whole van, the second layer was made up of different pieces to create the windows, doors and detail.


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