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Handmade Christmas Earrings – A must for the festive season

December 4, 2016


Christmas is a fantastic time of the year for crafts.  There was so many fun crafts you can try for all ages.  I love to make my own Christmas decorations and in previous years I have made novelty Christmas earrings from buttons and beads.  This year I was keen to make some Fimo earrings for Christmas as I have been getting back into modelling using Fimo over the last few months.  I have started making cake toppers from Fimo instead of using fondant icing.  I find it is easier and more fun to work with and once baked it keeps it shape and structure better than fondant icing.

There are eight different shapes including a Christmas tree, a snowman and a super cute gingerbread man.  The earrings are made from Fimo modelling clay and baked in the oven to set their shape and design, with silver plated fish hook earring pieces.  Each earring is approximately 30mm long.


The earrings are sold in matching pairs, however you can mix and match if you want just let me know when you place your order.  All pairs of earrings are £4.00 each and you can order through the website at www.hoursoffun.co.uk/shop or drop me a message on here, Facebook or by email.

Order them by Friday 16th December to get them in time for Christmas.

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